The FEGIME wholesalers work together with their clients, in order to find the best and most innovative solutions, trying to answer their needs at each moment.

GENERATING VALUE for its clients:
- By guaranteeing that the client will always get the right
  quality at the right price;
- By guaranteeing that the client will always get a good
  service from a wholesaler that is rooted locally, but has
  a European Organisation supporting him;
- By offering a different approach on the Market, based
  on proximity and trust, combining the force of the
  Group with the individuality, flexibility, agility and
  superior service of each wholesaler;
- By guaranteeing access to the best brands of our
  industry with continuously updated knowledge;
- By guaranteeing long-term and trustworthy
The universe of FEGIME clients consists mainly of:
- Electricians;
- Installers;
- Panel builders;
- Stockists;
- Retailers;
- Industrial companies;
- Hotels;
- Agricultural companies;
- Maintenance companies;
- State agencies.



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