Fegime Future


At FEGIME, our goal is to unite the strength of our small and medium-sized family businesses and ensure the sustainability of their business. And the best way to achieve our goals is to invest in the future generations of our wholesalers. Bring them into business as early as possible and provide them with the best available tools to manage their companies, ensuring the future and sustainability of their business and of our Group.

FEGIME Future is based in 4 fundamental pillars: SucessionTrainingProjects and Culture.




Ensure the succession of the businesses. 



Ensure a new and more prepared generation of entrepreneurs with a strong FEGIME culture. 




An operational group capable of developing international strategic projects for FEGIME (Branding Project, FEGIME Academy). 




Build and strengthen FEGIME DNA; learn and internalize the FEGIME values and our unique way of being in the business (an European group with a strong Family culture).